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The origin of Lightning AccuTimers was based upon providing timers for barrel racing (now expanded to other arena events) that are

Operation of a Lightning AccuTimer is intuitive. Set it up, turn it on, and start timing. At the heart of the personal system is the handheld unit that

Here are the products best suited for personal arena use (or visit our store):

Personal Arena Timer
This is the basic personal system containing:
  • One handheld unit (available in a blue or red silicone protective grip)
  • One beacon
  • One master detector/timer
  • Two 40" tripods for mounting the beacon and detector
Personal Arena Timer with Case
Personal arena system in case
Don't want to carry your system around in a shopping bag? This package contains:
  • Everything described above in Personal Arena Timer
  • Rugged lightweight plastic carrying case specifically designed for holding the Personal Arena Timer units
Advanced Personal Arena Timer
Handheld wtih full interval system
Ready to add more precision and measure interval times? This advanced package contains:
  • One handheld unit (available in a blue or red silicone protective grip)
  • Four beacons
  • One master detector/timer
  • Three interval detectors
  • Eight 40" tripods
Although available without carrying cases for those on a very limited budget, an option provides for a matched set of cases with one containing the electronics and another for the tripods.
Additional handheld unit
You can add up to two additional handheld units per system so each rider gets their own.

Order it with your system – or you can order it later. And you can pick the color of the silicone protective grip: red or blue.

Arena console unit
Normally used in the professional system, you can add one console unit per system (instead of a third handheld unit).

Operates the same as the handheld, but has a much bigger display (3.75" x 0.85"), longer range, and is intended to sit on a table, post, or bench.

All of these Lightning AccuTimer products (and more) can be found in the Lightning AccuTimers On-line Store.