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ucode0.gif (1635 bytes) The ability to divide the track up into segments (or sectors) and collect sector times on an indoor circuit has been nothing but a dream – until now! Consider the features available with the Basic Kart Timing System (KTS) and compare it to any other indoor karting product on the market – if you can find one!

At present, MICROCode Consulting only sells a single albeit powerful indoor karting package. But more options will be available soon, so check back often. You can click on the links below to learn more or to order.

Packages Description* Cost**
Basic Kart Timing System Steering-wheel mounted KTS Main Unit, KTS Beacon with Stand, one KTS Pick-up Sensor, and USB cable $129***
Special bundle discount!
*Note that all packaged systems include one KTS Timing Beacon and beacon stand.
**Plus priority shipping and handling within the continental U.S., extra for overseas.

Individual Components

All pieces of the Kart Timing System package are available for purchase individually.
Individual Products* Content Cost**
Steering-wheel mounted KTS Main Unit
Includes one Beacon Pick-up Sensor and USB cable.
Does not include KTS Timing Beacon
KTS Beacon plus Stand
If you want to measure sector times in addition to lap times, you will need additional timing beacons.  Up to three timing beacons can be used on a given track. $29
Replacement KTS Beacon Pick-up Sensor
One sturdy KTS Beacon Pick-up Sensor is included with each KTS timing unit, but we have heard of them being lost or left behind. $11
*Note that the package bundle is cheaper.
**Plus priority shipping and handling within the continental U.S., extra for overseas.