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Kart in action If you are looking for a low-cost, highly portable, single-user operable, stand-alone indoor kart timing system, this is the place!

Indoor kart racing poses special challenges for a driver.  One of the most difficult is knowing your on-the-fly lap time so you can make adjustments immediately.  After the race or practice session, having an electronic file of all of your lap times for analysis is much more helpful than a paper print-out.  Unfortunately, you do not own the kart, so you cannot permanently attach your own equipment that might provide such capability.

Introducing MICROCode Consulting's Kart Timing System
ucode0.gif (1635 bytes)   Designed by kart drivers for kart drivers, MICROCode Consulting worked and tested with both regular and occassional drivers to provide the most powerful yet cost effective timing system available for today’s indoor karting enthusiast!

The ability to divide the track up into segments (or sectors) and collect sector times on an indoor circuit has been nothing but a dream – until now! Consider the features available with the Basic Kart Timing System (KTS) and compare it to any other indoor karting product on the market – if you can find one!

  • Accurately measures lap and up to three sector times per lap
  • Storage for over 16,000 laps and sectors that is retained even if the battery is removed
  • Tags each race or session with track, driver, and timestamp supplemented with , kart type and number when uploaded to a PC.
  • Crisp back-lit display with intuitive user-selectable formats
  • Measures last, best, delta (difference versus best lap or last lap) and race time in multiple easy-to-read fonts
  • All time measurements are in 0.01 second increments
  • KTS accuracy typically is 0.01 seconds per day
  • Stores date and time of all races with an internal 100 year calendar that continues to run as long as power is available
  • Adjustable straps allow the unit to be quickly mounted and dismounted from any kart steering wheel
  • USB interface for downloading collected timing data, uploading preferences, resetting the clock and updating unit firmware using our KTS Windows Software

MICROCode Consulting is working on a wide range of additional indoor karting products that will soon be available. All of them are based on the Basic Kart Timing System (KTS) package (that includes a single display unit, remote beacon sensor, and beacon with stand) — essentially, everything shown above. We also explain why we started this product line and a bit about the aspects common to all systems that help keep costs low.

Our Basic Kart Timing System can be yours
for the low cost of $129 US.

See additional photographs, learn more, or order the Basic Kart Timing System. Components of the Kart Timing System are also available individually, to purchase additional beacons (providing sector times) or additional units (if you already have all of the beacons you need).