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Timing lines or markers in the Kart Timing System (KTS) are provided by the KTS Beacon. This is a simple unit that can be easily carried and set up quickly at any indoor kart track. For even more timing precision, deploy three beacons to collect sector times as well as lap times.
KTS Beacon
KTS Beacon Assembly
  • Extremely lightweight and compact unit makes it highly portable
  • Set up unit on stand within seconds
  • Deploy up to three beacons per track to collect sector times as well as lap times
  • Single beacon can be used by any and all KTS Units
  • Unit can be set to one of six beacon codes
  • Last set beacon code is retained even if the battery is removed
  • Designed for the most common height used by indoor karts, easily readjusted for any height
  • Uses a standard 9v battery – no special chargers or expensive battery replacement
  • Operates for over 24 continuous hours on a single alkaline battery
KTS Beacon
KTS Beacon


A complete KTS Beacon Assembly consists of three pieces: beacon stand base, beacon stand pole, and the KTS Beacon itself. The beacon stand base has is an "X" cross that is highly stable while exhibiting a small footprint. The beacon stand pole is inserted into the beacon stand base and then into the KTS Beacon itself as shown in the picture above. The assembled unit is 24 inches high and extremely lightweight.

Place the KTS Beacon Assembly trackside and turn on the power. The unit will blink the stored beacon code several times (during which you can change the code as needed) before starting to operate (indicated by the LED flashing once every 6 to 9 seconds). All KTS Units can share the same beacons. That's it!

NOTE: Remember to ask for permission first. No kart track we have visited has refused to allow a beacon, although they will not want you on the track when karts are in motion.

Additional Photos

Additional pictures of the unit are included below. Clicking on a picture will bring up an enlarged view. If there is a scroll bar, use it to see all of the pictures available.

Beacon on Stand Beacon Left View Beacon Right View Beacon Face Beacon Package

The KTS Beacon (that includes the beacon unit, base, and pole) is available as part of a complete package but can also be purchased individually to expand your system for sector time collection.