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The centerpiece and workhorse for the Kart Timing System (KTS), the KTS Main Unit is where all of the action occurs. It handles everything from simple lap/sector timing measurement through management/browsing of laps/sector times at the same (or different) track in the past. (The latter is more easily done using the provided Windows software, but a PC is not necessary to perform management of in-memory timing data.) The feature list is extensive, so only the most significant items are highlighted here:
KTS Main Unit
KTS Main Unit
  • Precisely measures lap and up to three sector times per lap
  • Displays lap and sector times as well as last, best, delta (difference) and race time in multiple easy-to-read fonts
  • Crisp display with intuitive user-selectable formats
  • Display is back-lit with user-settable timeout after last button press and/or lap beacon seen
  • Storage for over 16,000 laps and sectors that is retained even if the battery is removed
  • Tags each race or session with track, driver, and timestamp supplemented with , kart type and number when uploaded to a PC.
  • Stores date and time of all races with an internal 100 year calendar that continues to run as long as power is available
  • Unit mounts and dismounts from any kart steering wheel in seconds via convenient quick-release buckles
  • KTS unit uses a standard 9v battery – no special chargers or expensive battery replacement
  • Single battery provides over 14 hours of continuous racing/practice operation using the backlight 5 seconds per lap
  • All time measurements are in 0.01 second increments
  • Calibrated KTS unit accuracy is typically 0.01 seconds per day
  • Adjustable straps allow the unit to be readily adapted to any kart steering wheel
  • USB interface for downloading collected timing data, uploading preferences, resetting the clock and updating unit firmware
Beacon Sensor
Beacon Sensor
(attaches to Main Unit)


KTS Mounted
KTS mounted
The KTS Main Unit actually consists of two pieces: the main (display) unit and the beacon sensor, both of which are shown above. (The beacon is available in a variety of colors.) The main unit is attached to the kart steering wheel using three quick-release straps as shown on the left. Then, the beacon sensor is clipped to the plastic hood covering the steering column and plugged into the bottom of the main (display) unit as shown on the left. That is it!

Turn on the main (display) unit and note the bright display shown on the right. Put the unit in race/session timing mode (transition screen depicted on the right) and you are now ready to practice or race! (Of course, do not forget to set up your KTS Beacon first!)

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KTS Idle
KTS idle
Beacon Mounted
Beacon mounted
Race Setup
Race setup

Additional Photos

A wide range of views of the unit, beacon, and setup are included below. Clicking on a picture will bring up an enlarged view. Use the scroll bar to see all of the pictures available.

Main Unit Top Main Unit Left Main Unit Right Main Unit Back Sensor Top Sensor Side Sensor Bottom Sensor Top (Green) Seat View View Race

The KTS Main Unit (that includes both primary display unit and the beacon sensor) is available as part of a complete package but can also be purchased individually.