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A successful Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) car rally plan:

If you want to win, you need to keep accurate track of time. One way is pencil, paper, and a stopwatch (or two). A better way is the Rally Clock/Timer System by MICROCode Consulting.

Intended for use in in any navigational rally class, including S.O.P. (Seat Of the Pants) or Beginner, the Rally Clock/Timer System is a proven winner in rally series around the United States.

The Rally Clock/Timer System has what you need to win!

Rally unit with clipboard light

Built into a 10" wide by 15" long clipboard, the upper half of the MICROCode Consulting Lighted Rally Clock/Timer System is shown to the right.  (Click on the image of our prototype for a larger view.)

Details regarding the Rally Clock/Timer System operation can be found in the documentation which is free to view or download.

The price on the basic Rally Clock/Timer System is $179 US plus shipping and handling (includes everything except the articulated clipboard light) or $199 US plus shipping and handling for the Lighted Rally Clock/Timer System. If you currently own a system, you can upgrade to the latest version.

We apologize but effective 30 June 2019,
the Rally Clock/Timer System is no longer offered for sale.

rlyemulgif.gif (965 bytes)Of course, the best way for you to check out the MICROCode Consulting Rally Clock/Timer System is to run it.  So, download the Rally Clock Simulator and check out the multitude of features.  (You must have Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 to run this program.)