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BizNote icon BizNotes is a business productivity system that allows you to create a notebook/journal that is fast, compact, and highly versatile. Specifically, it was designed for a modern office environment where iPads and desktops/laptops are used almost interchangeably. With BizNotes, "almost" becomes "definitely". Every major feature in BizNotes is provided in both the iOS version for the iPad as well as the Windows version for your PC desktop or laptop.

So what is BizNotes about? If you are like most office personnel (whether a manager or individual contributor), your day is partly (or sometimes mostly) comprised of meetings: one-on-one meetings, group meetings, communication meetings, customer meetings, and so on. Most people keep a notebook in some form to capture the meeting content while ensuring certain agenda items are covered including follow-up (action) items. If you have a sealed notebook, it is impossible to organize by topic or by person as it is strictly date-driven. If you have a binder notebook, it takes effort to keep it organized, not lose sheets of paper, and minimize the size of the notebook. BizNotes replaces this paper-driven system.

BizNotes organization is simple: folders that contain topics or other folders, topics that contain notes and agenda items, notes that are a single meeting, journal, or other entry under a specific topic, and agenda items associated with a given topic. Folders and topics are identified by name whereas notes within a topic are distinguished by the date-time of each note.

Major features of BizNotes

As with most MICROCode Consulting products, BizNotes was created to meet our needs and is used daily. We think it can meet your needs as well. So download BizNotes and start increasing your productivity – today!